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Compliance Reporting

Adverts Monitoring (CCM Ad-Vantage) provides clients with monitored reports of how an organization’s media plans are carried out efficiently within the specified media channels.

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Content Monitoring

We provide clients with copies of media content of specific interest which may include documentation of media outputs, content analysis, competitive analysis, and industry insights.

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Media Intelligence Analysis

We provide advertising competitive information that provide insights which helps the client to know the comparative efficacy of its media budget within its target/reach and competition.

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Technology Leadership… Widest Coverage.

CCM under a new management is solving the last puzzle in the media advertising industry by adopting a revolutionary approach to media compliance and post-campaign analysis.We have taken up the challenge with terrestrial broadcast media by providing 24/7 recording of all adverts flighted on over 270 Radio and Television Stations nationwide and over 30 Satellite TV Stations with an aggressive plan to increase total number of stations covered to 350 by the end of 2017. Additionally, CCM offers Content Monitoring of Press and Online Media.