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Compliance and Content Monitoring (CCM) Ltd was registered in February 2009 (RC 803746) and became fully operational after a re-launch on July 23, 2010 . It is today Nigeria's leading media monitoring company bringing unprecedented innovation into media compliance reporting and post campaign analyses.

CCM is an independent media monitoring company, auditing all media which include Electronic, Press and Outdoor. CCM has recently launched into the auditing of Satellite and Digital media with the latest technology.

We are a data-rich technology-driven organization providing information services in a searchable and archivable format with the additional benefit of auto- analysis. Our primary business is to log, detect,record and transmit data (adverts, songs, hypes, and promotions) from free- to-air media.
Such data is then processed through fingerprinting technology for clients' adverts and unrecognized duplicates. The process is completed through an automatic access of data from the CCM Dashboard located on a secure server.

Within three years of business operation. CCM arguably attained the widest terrestrial station coverage in Nigeria. In July 2013 we expanded our coverage from 160 stations to 260+ stations spanning 31 States & the Federal Capital Territory. The value of this expansion to all media advertory stakeholders include :

- More accurate compliance measurements to media schedule for flighted  adverts and programmes,

- More reliable database of competitive information from all geo-political zones.

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Advertisers, Advertising Agencies, Media Independents and Media Owners have waited long enough. It is now time to provide a radical solution to the problems with media compliance and post-campaign analyses for advertising and program content in Nigeria.

  • Compliance Data Sets
  • CCM Share of Expenditure
  • CCM Share Of Voice
  • CCM Share of Market
  • CCM Back-Up Recording
  • CCM Dashboard

Our Dashboard is first of its kind in Nigeria, deployed to satisfy your Media Intelligence needs.


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CCM's print monitoring covers from the top newspapers to the most niche industry publications and newsletters

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