Who We Are?

CCM is an independent media monitoring company. We are focused on providing media compliance and competitive intelligence services in partner-serving the most demanding advertisers, agencies, media owners, producers, regulators and artistes in Nigeria and across West & Central Africa.

Compliance and Content Monitoring (CCM) Ltd was registered in February 2009 (RC 803746) and became fully operational after a re-launch on July 23, 2010, adopting a revolutionary approach and bringing unprecedented innovation into media compliance reporting and post campaign analyses. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.

We are a data-rich technology-driven organization providing information services in a searchable and archivable format with the additional benefit of auto- analysis. Our primary business is to log, detect,record and transmit data (adverts, songs, hypes, and promotions) from all media which include Radio, TV (Terrestrial and Satellite), Cinema, Press (Online and Prints) and Outdoor.

Our Vision

To make clients swear by CCM and prospects know why – Right first time, Right on time!

Our Mission

To be No. 1 by reputation for innovation and reliability and seek to be twice as big by revenue as the No. 2 player within 3 years of launch in each market.

Our Values

We will act with integrity, sense of urgency and a commitment to continuous improvement in all we do.

What We Monitor?


We monitor over 270 terrestrial radio and

TV stations, 32 satellite TV stations, 100 press (online and prints) and over 3000 out-of-home  (OOH) sites.

Why Work With Us?

CCM arguably attained the widest terrestrial station coverage in Nigeria. In July 2013 we expanded our coverage from 160 stations to 270+ stations spanning 31 States & the Federal Capital Territory. The value of this expansion to all media advertorial stakeholders include:

  • A responsible and professional approach

  • Clear identification and categorization of advertisers and brands
  • More accurate compliance measurements to media schedule for flighted adverts and programmes
  • Verify scheduled transmissions of ads according to contracts with broadcasters (ad tracking)
  • Eliminate the pain of manually searching through days’ worth material for advertisements
  • Analyze advertisement competitors to optimize the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns
  • Detect precisely when and where your content is being used nationwide (CCM coverage)
  • Maximize gains and overall efficiency by building quick & precise reports in real time or offline depending on your requirements
  • Quickly measure the reach and performance of your advertising
  • Monitor real time  (Pan Nigeria)

 How Do Our Auto-Analyses Look?