Compliance Reporting

 Adverts Monitoring (CCM Ad-Vantage) provides clients with audit/monitored reports of how  an organization’s media plans and budgets are carried out efficiently, within the specified media channels.

  • Broadcast Monitoring (TV and Radio)
  • Online Mentions Monitoring (Online Newspapers and Portals)
  • Print Monitoring (Newspapers and Magazines)
  • Out of Home (OOH) Monitoring (Bill Boards, Bus Branding and Bus Shelters)
  • Hype Monitoring (Media Publicity on TV and Radio)
  • Cinema Monitoring
  • Back-Up Recording (Audio files of Adverts and Programmes)
  • Competitive Ad Alerts (on all monitoring platforms)

Content Monitoring

We provide clients with copies of media content, which is of specific interest to them and subject to changing demand; this may include documentation of media outputs, content analysis, competitive analysis, as well as industry insights, specifically or widely.

  • Broadcast (TV and Radio)
  • Online (PR Content –News Portals, Blogs, Online Newspapers and Social Media.)
  • Print (PR Content Off-Line – Newspapers/Magazines)

Media Intelligence Analysis

We provide clients with advertising competitive information that provide insights and answers to marketing and business questions that would be difficult or impossible to answer without it. It helps the client to know the comparative efficacy of its media budget within its target/reach and competition.

  • Share of Expenditure (SOE)
  • Share of Voice (SOV)/GRPs
  • Share of Market (SOM)
  • Ad-cluster Analysis (Position of Ads)

CCM Dashboard

The CCM dashboard is a top end business intelligence system that allows for customized reports. The dashboard  remotely access CCM data sets  from a secure location on the web, and it is a powerful tool for analyzing, reporting and visualizing media compliance, share of expenditure (SOE) , share of market (SOM) and share of voice (SOV). Media compliance can be detailed for adverts flighted on schedule, out of schedule, unscheduled extra and partial play out.




Our targeted customer groups with CCM superior offerings are:

  • Advertisers
  • Advert Agencies
  • Media Independents
  • Radio and Television stations

Download CCM Price List

For CCM pricing purposes, a Brand/Product is uniquely named
Current list of Radio, Television and Satellite stations covered by CCM.
List of Product Categories as used for SOE and SOV calculations.

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